We offer two types of Spiral Binding with soft cover books and two standard coil colors (white or black). Most other coil colors are available for an additional cost unless we have it in stock.

Dynamic Bindery's plastic coil binding provides some unique advantages over other binding styles. First of all, plastic coil binding will enable your book's pages to lie flat - something that is ideal if your text encourages note taking.

Second, at Dynamic Bindery you will find our plastic coil binding is both very durable and scratch resistant. You'll never have a concern about pages coming loose - even after there repeated use.

Plastic coil binding makes an excellent binding style for a number of books. Examples include cookbooks, technical manuals, instructional books, workbooks, manuals, children's books, gardening books and hobby books.

Another advantage of plastic coil binding is that the book can be folded in half. This binding is similar to wire binding except it's made of more durable plastic.

Coil binding is a colorful and versatile type of book binding chosen for its ability to match/coordinate most colors with the ink color in the cover and/or text. This ability makes for a more stylish and attractive book. This type of book binding is replacing the older metal coil or "wire-o" that has been popular in the past. It can be made to have very stiff cover and back with glossy laminated cover or a traditional acetate clear front cover and blue or black vinyl back that has been in use for decades. Dynamic Bindery has semi-automated equipment for the punching of paper and insertion of the coils to make your book binding experience quick and trouble free as well as minimizing waste and improving quality.


Maximum Book Thickness: 1.75"

Maximum Spine Length: 20"

Spiral Book Binding


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