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Our Stitchers Sizes Capacities:

  • Maximum Size is 17" on head & foot.. 11" on the Face
  • Maximum Thickness: 7/16
  • Minimum Size is 5.5" head to food & 3 5/8" at the face 

Saddle Stitching is a great book binding option for menus, pamphlets, or short books and magazines. Quick and inexpensive, it is simple as 2 staples a fold and a trim. However, it takes an experienced book binding company like Dynamic Bindery  to pay attention to details in your digital printing file... like"creep". "Creep" is the tendency of the middle pages in a saddle stitched book to have their edges protrude from the folded book more and more and more as they approach the center of the bound book. When these pages are trimmed to have a uniform edge, sometimes the middle pages have information trimmed off. Also while creating crossovers, please allow for small variations in the folds. Crossovers work best with 4 or 8 pagers and you should avoid having very thin lines as crossovers.

Saddle Stitch


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